30 Fun Activities for the Whole Family

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This is a list of 30 Fun Activties for the Whole Family to enjoy.

The weather has FINALLY been consistently nice here in Indiana.  My son and I made our first visit to the zoo for the year.  We go a lot while the kids are in school and it isn’t as crowded.  We also have a Touch-A-Truck event coming up that we’re all super excited to attend.  That got me thinking about planning some other fun activities for this Spring/Summer.

If you are lucky like us here in Indianapolis, we have a great website called Indy with Kids.  It has all kinds of cool stuff going on around here that we can do as a family.  It started out as just a small blog and has grown into multiple writers and a huge following.  Definitely look to see if you have something like this for your area.

I have put together a list of some ideas.  Make sure to comment and add any that you have come up with.

  1. Break out the board games.
  2. Go to a zoo.  Try one you haven’t been to before.
  3. Get another family or several families to play a sport or have a fun competition.  Kickball anyone?
  4. Attend the local fairs.  Find a small town fair… usually their prices are a little cheaper than the big city fairs.
  5. Have a picnic.
  6. Attend a concert.  Our local winery and mall has free concerts and kids can still attend.
  7. Do a fun run.  Look for the color runs.  Kids love them.  Most allow you to bring a wagon for the kids.
  8. Have a bonfire- cook hotdogs and smores.
  9. Have a cookout.
  10. Make ice cream sundaes at home or try some new places around town.
  11. Have a “Make your own pizza” night.  Cut canned pizza dough in individual portions or use Naan (found in bakery section).
  12. Go to a farmer’s market.
  13. Take a spontaneous trip out of town.
  14. Camp in the backyard.
  15. Plan a themed party with decorations and food.  Everyone dresses up to attend.  (Western, Luau, Fiesta, Pajama, Jungle)
  16. Go to a drive-in theater.
  17. Do a scavenger hunt.  Can be around the house, through the neighborhood, in a store.
  18. Go for a swim.
  19. Take lots of pictures for a scrapbook.
  20. Go camping.
  21. Have a slumber party in the living room.  Don’t forget the movie, popcorn, and sleeping bags!!
  22. Make a fort.  The big parachutes you can buy are great for making a fort.  Blankets and sheets work too.
  23. Go for a hike.
  24. Have a water gun fight.  Even the little kids can get in on this one and have a blast.
  25. Go to an amusement park.
  26. Go horseback riding.
  27. Fly kites.
  28. Take family pictures outdoors.
  29. Find local events like Touch-A-Truck, themed train rides, Chick-fil-a event nights, etc.
  30. Go for a bike ride.



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