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With the warm weather coming, our family at least spends a lot of time outdoors. One of my favorite things to do outside is play with bubbles. When the kids were younger we always bought bubble machines, and I can’t tell you how many we have purchased. We use them so often during the summer that we buy a new one once or twice a year. So, I tried to do our own thing and made our bubbles and sock bubbles. This bubble recipe is probably the easiest it can be.

Here is the recipe for the bubbles:

1 cup water

1 tablespoon sugar

3 tablespoons dish soap

Take the sugar and pour it into the water and mix until dissolved. Then dump the soap into the mixture and slowly stir until mixed together.

Stirring a tablespoon of sugar into water

That’s it! Easy, right? Now we dont go buying the large bottles of bubbles like we used to.

Now for the sock bubbles. This was something we had never attempted before and I didn’t tell the kids in case it didn’t turn out – we all know how that would go, don’t we? Thankfully though, it worked better than I thought!

Cup of water with sugar and dish soap mixed in

To make them, take an empty water bottle, an old sock (or new, whatever you want), and a rubber band (we used ponytails and they worked just fine).

Scissors, ponytail, empty water bottle, sock.

Cut the bottom off the empty water bottle and then just put the sock over the hole and go up the water bottle as much as it can, and put the rubber band up at the top to keep it in place. Roll the sock back down again if needed. 

Then put some bubble solution in a bowl, dip the bottom of the bottle in the bubbles, and blow; a bubble snake appears and so do all of the smiles and laughs! My kids played for over an hour blowing them at each other, onto the grass, and even made a bubble volcano into the bowl!

This is something we will do all throughout the summer and on warm days.

Cup of bubble solution made out of water, dish soap and sugar. An empty water bottle with the end of the bottle cut off and a sock covering the bottle.


When making the bubble solution, I used warm water so the sugar dissolved better. You can use cold, but warm works better in my opinion.

I really don’t think it matters what type of dish soap you use. I used Dawn this time, but I have used Ajax, off brands and it has never not worked. Just use what kind you want.

When putting the rubber band over the sock and bottle, it crunched the bottle slightly. I rolled it down a bit and stuck my hand in to make it back into a round shape as best as I could. It will work whether you do this or not, though.

MAKE SURE if you have little ones they take their mouth off of the top while taking a breath to blow into it again. One of my 4-year-old twins, did not and the bubble solution went right up into her mouth. She did not like this and wouldn’t touch it again 🙂 

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