Top 10 Baby Registry “Must Haves”

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Baby Registry Must Haves

Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming for new moms.  This is a list of the top 10 baby registry “must haves” that will be extremely useful once baby comes.

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After I had my son, I learned that you can’t predict for every situation.  Once your baby arrives, you might find that you need more of something you’ve already bought, that things you already purchased need to be taken back, or you need to purchase additional items that you didn’t even think about.  I know once you start getting items for baby the excitement overtakes you but it’s a good idea to keep receipts and not unpackage everything so you can take items back if needed.

My biggest piece of advice is to have a little savings set aside for these expenses.  You can do this by holding back some of the gift cards you receive or just putting back a little money while pregnant.  This will cover any items that you find are needed once you have your baby home.


Some examples:

A lot of people I know, including myself, had to purchase a few different formulas to find one that worked well with their baby.  If you plan to breastfeed, there may come a time where you would need to switch to formula or supplement with formula.

Our son also had issues with acid reflux so we ended up not using the bottles we got from our baby shower and had to buy all new.  I know it’s recommended to unbox all of the bottles and have them washed before baby comes home, but I would only unbox one set so that the rest can be exchanged if needed.  Also, with the acid reflux, we went through a lot of burp rags and clothes.  Those are items we received but had to go out and purchase more.  (Trying to take off onesies that a baby spit up all over is a mess.  We found that zip up pajamas or outfits worked so much better.)

You may also find that your baby is allergic to the diapers or wipes you chose.  If you didn’t unpackage them, you should be able to exchange them for another brand or type that works for you.

I understand that not everyone will have these issues arise, but it’s nice to have some money set aside for unexpected needs, especially if you are on a tight budget.  If you don’t end up needing additional items, you now have money saved for future clothes, diapers, food, etc.

Also, remember, most companies now let you buy anything left on your registry at a discounted price.


Now on to the list of the top 10 baby registry “must haves”!



Aden and Anais Blankets

I can’t say enough about these blankets.  They were on my registry and I used them everywhere.  The fabric is muslin, which is a soft, breathable fabric.  Use them to swaddle, lay the baby on, or as to cover the stroller, car seat, or while breastfeeding.  You can also use them as a burp cloth or changing pad cover.  The fabric is lightweight and can be folded up small to be kept in your diaper bag or in the car.  The blankets come in a lot of adorable prints so you are sure to find one that you like.  They also have clothes, burp rags, and other items available in the muslin material.

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Diaper Cream Brush


This soft, flexible brush is a great way to apply diaper cream without having to use your hands.  It easily wipes clean with a baby wipe.  Most have a suction cup on the end that allows you to place the brush nearby while you finish diapering and dressing your baby.  Let me tell you how useful that is if you are by yourself.  Our son hasn’t needed diaper cream very often, but when he does, this is a great tool.  It’s flexible so application is super easy, no mess, and I love the suction cup so i’m not making a huge mess while getting his clothes back on.

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Boppy Pillow


I always had my Boppy Pillow nearby in the first few months after having our son.  It was especially important to us since our son had acid reflux.  Propping him up was one of the ways we kept him from throwing up all of the time.  The boppy pillow is a versatile pillow that is shaped and sized perfectly for infants and babies.  They are great to help hold your baby’s weight during feeding times (breastfeeding or bottle feeding).  It’s also great for propping, sitting, and tummy time.  Slipcovers are available to purchase which makes clean up so much easier.

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Pack n’ Play


A Pack n’ Play is a portable bassinet, playard, and changing station all in one that can be used indoors or outdoors.  Quick set up and take down, plus the carrying bag, makes travelling with it a breeze.  They are a great way to provide a place to sleep or changing station at grandma’s house, babysitter’s home, or your own home if the nursery isn’t near the main area where you take care of baby.

I used to babysit my friend’s son a few days a week and it was so nice to have a place to lay him down for naps.  When we had our son, we were renting a house that had the master on the main floor and kid’s bedrooms on the top floor.  We didn’t want our newborn son so far away from us so we set up a small nursery in our bedroom.  We didn’t get a changing table so the Pack n’ Play was nice to keep nearby for changing, naps, etc.

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Disposable Changing Pads


I ran across these disposable changing pad mats when I was setting up my own registry.  They became one of my favorite items.  I hated using public restroom changing tables.  They always seemed so unsanitary.  These disposable mats cover the changing table so you can change your baby and then throw the mat away.  You can also use them anywhere there isn’t a changing table available.  They are folded into small squares so they easily fit in your diaper bag or purse.  I always kept them on me and still do to this day.

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Temporal Thermometer

Nothing is worse than waking a kid up from sleeping to take their temperature or poking them in the ear and making them upset.  The temporal thermometer takes the temperature by running the device’s sensor over the forehead.  It’s non-invasive and my son actually likes getting his temperature taken.  Our whole family uses it now!

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Trash Can


Dirty diapers can make your main trash can stink.  Specialty diaper pails can run a lot of money.  An inexpensive trash can with a lid that closes should work.  We kept it out in the garage and got scented bags to help cover any odors.  The trash can pictured is the one we used.  I couldn’t find a link to just one… obviously you don’t need 4 lol



Bumbo Seat or Ingenuity Seat


The Bumbo or Ingenuity seats are both great for babies that can sit up/keep their head up.  Almost all of them have trays so they are great for playing, feeding, etc.  It’s nice to have a small, portable seat you can take anywhere instead of just a big, bulky high chair.  They are also great for grandma’s house or travelling.

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Ergo Baby Carrier


Strollers are great for taking baby out to do things but they are not always the best option.  The Ergo baby carrier is so easy to use and can really come in handy for certain situations.  Travelling, hiking, grocery shopping, and events can all be easier while carrying your baby.  Remember, infants need the infant insert to be kept safe in the carrier.
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I do not have personal experience with the Dock-a-Tot but i’m including it on the list because I have friends that rave about them.  I didn’t really hear about the products until my son was older.  If I have another baby, this will be something that I want to purchase.  They are great for tummy time, resting, playing, lounging, changing, cuddling, bed transitioning, and more.  The reviews have been amazing and sounds like a lot of parents are getting more sleep because of these portable pads.
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Did I miss anything on the list?  I know a registry will have a lot more items on it but this is a good start.  Feel free to add your favorite registry items in the comments below.

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