Kid’s Cooking Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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Kid's Cooking Gift Ideas

Find the best kid’s cooking gifts for Valentine’s Day… February 14th.

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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Did you know that it’s on a Friday this year? That should bring everyone a little extra excitement for the holiday.

We always get the kids a little gift. My son loves helping me in the kitchen so I’m leaning towards something cooking related for kids his age.

I created this gift guide of kid’s cooking gifts to show you some of the awesome things I found. Some we already have, others are items I’m considering buying for him.

Ok, so this Fisher-Price Charcuterie Board Set (Amazon Link) is adorable. From the marble accents on the board/plates to the “let it brie” napkins, this will definitely make any kid a super high-end chef. I really want it for my son but he’s too young to keep all of the pieces together.

Cutting with a knife without cutting yourself is something even adults struggle with. I’m really interested in this 8 Piece Plastic Knife Set (Amazon Link). They are made to fit small hands and they don’t cut skin or fingers. They are made from a hard plastic and really cut vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, cake, and more.

For the kids that aren’t ready to handle real pots, pans, and cutting, this Kitchen Playset (Amazon Link) is perfect to pretend cook. Would go great with a play kitchen.

My son is too young for this but kids 6 and older can practice cutting with the MasterChef Junior Cutting Board and Knife Set (Amazon Link). Includes 15 recipe cards so kid’s can practice their cutting skills. Other MasterChef Junior sets are available to educate kids in different culinary techniques. This will be something I will be purchasing for sure in a couple years.

My son has this LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven (Amazon Link). It comes in Purple/Pink or Blue/White. The top burners sizzle like something is cooking. The oven sings, helps with learning numbers, and dings when the food is done cooking. Perfect for toddlers. My son will be 4 soon and he still plays with this. He even had it out a couple days ago.

This 17 Piece Junior Baking Set (Amazon Link) says it is perfect for kids 6+ but I could see some, if not all, of it being used by a younger kids with an adult’s help. Everything in this set can really be used to bake your favorite treats. Set includes: pastry brush, baking cups, loaf pan, whisk, rolling pin, and more.

I thought this was super cute if I had a daughter. Does your daughter have an American Girl doll or something similar? The Warm Your Heart Doll Food Play Set (Amazon Link) includes cake pops, hot cocoa, chocolate covered strawberries, decorated cookies, and all of the accessories to set the perfect table for the treats.

This isn’t really kid cooking related but something that kids would enjoy on Valentine’s Day. The Mini Maker (Amazon Link) can make heart shaped waffles, hash browns, paninis, and more. I don’t recommend letting kids try to cook with items like these because there is usually really hot steam that comes out when you open them. It’s also hard to keep your arm from getting burned while filling it with batter or whatever you’re cooking. Trust me! I know from experience and still have the scar to prove it.

Kids love dressing up! Toddlers and Preschoolers will really feel like a baker in this Apron and Baking Set (Amazon Link). The little puffy arm sleeves are adorable.

Every baker needs a Basic Baking Set (Amazon Link). Comes in additional colors, like blue. This set is perfect for your little baker to make cookies. My son loves cutting out cookies!

These kid’s cooking gifts are perfect for any aspiring kid chef or baker. I wish I had some of these cool sets growing up. Easy Bake Oven’s were always fun to play with though.

I’m really considering the 8 Piece Knife Set for my son. I think it’ll be the perfect gift to teach him some kitchen safety but also have a bit of fun.

If you have any of the items listed above, know of another item that is great for kid bakers, or end up buying something listed, let me know in the comments.

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