Kids Kitchen Safety Tips

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Kids can get into all sorts of things in the kitchen that can hurt them.  Check out these Kids Kitchen Safety Tips to remind ourselves of some of the dangers.

Kids kitchen safety can sometimes be overlooked when you are bustling around the kitchen.  One year ago, a family that we know suffered through a very tough time with their toddler. Their son pulled down a boiling pot of water onto himself. While his dad tried grabbing for it, it was too late. Both ended up with burns. The dad burnt his hands/arms, but the little boy was burnt from head down. Thankfully they have both recovered and the event is now a scary thing in the past.
I always have this story in the back of my mind when I’m in the kitchen. While I’m cooking, my toddler is always coming in and out, so I’m constantly trying to remain vigilant about his safety.
I wanted to share some safety tips that I found for my own home that you can use too. I know some of these we already know but sometimes it’s good to just have a little reminder.




1. Make sure to turn pot handles back, away from the edge of the counter/stove.
2. Cook on the back
burners when possible.
3. Be careful when opening a hot oven. Make sure no little hands can reach the hot surface.
4. Secure loose pot/skillet handles.
5. Make sure you have a steady grip on pots/pans before moving them around the kitchen.
6. Keep toys out of the kitchen.



General Kitchen Area

1. Keep cabinets locked, especially those with dangerous chemicals, toxic ingredients, sharp objects, etc. This includes spice cabinets or anywhere spices are kept.
2. Use rugs to prevent slipping on floors.
3. Clean up spills immediately.
4. Make sure plastic bags are not within reach, even in the trash can. Tie them in a knot so kids can’t put them on their heads.
5. Keep kids away from aluminum foil, wax paper, parchment paper boxes. The sharp edge can cut them.
6. Trash cans should be kept in a secure place like a pantry or locked cabinet.


Other Appliances

1. Make sure that nothing breakable is within reach when opening refrigerator.
2. Watch when unloading and loading the dishwasher that kids can’t grab anything sharp.
3. Un-plug any small appliances when not in use.
4. Make sure that blenders are covered with a lockable lid or put up where kids can’t get to the blades.

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