Crispy Pepperoni Pan Pizza with Mozzarella Cheese

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I finally figured out how to get that perfect crispy crust on my pizza!

Crispy pan pizza!!! Crispy pan pizza!!!

I’m so excited about this if you couldn’t tell. I loved going to Pizza Hut and getting those crispy edge pieces. It looks like it’s burnt but it’s not.

It is a delicious crisp edge that makes crust taste…well, not like crust.

I tried to make this happen so many times and couldn’t figure it out. I thought maybe it was the way they buttered or oiled their pans. Or maybe it was the pan themselves that they used.

Then I was watching one of my favorite YouTuber’s, Sam the Cooking Guy, and he made pizza like this.

The secret was so easy… it’s the cheese!

All you have to do is put the cheese all the way to the edges. As the crust rises in the oven, the cheese sticks to the sides and makes a crispy crust.

I used my deep dish dough for this pizza but Sam made it a little easier. You can watch his video here.

You can also use store bought dough. Just make sure you get the cheese all of the way to the edges.

What is your favorite style of pizza? Is there something you’ve always wondered just how they make it? Share in the comments below.

Cream cheese melted in plastic bowl with chives, sour cream, dried onions, and parsley on top
teriyaki dip in clear plastic bowl

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