Family Dinner: Cowboy Theme

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family dinner with cowboy theme

Family Dinner: Cowboy Theme

Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone together for a family dinner.  Make things more exciting by dining with a theme.

I was at church a couple of years ago listening to a panel of mom’s talk about different topics in regards to raising kids.  One woman said she did theme dinner nights for the family every once in a while and it really brought them all together.

I remembered this and thought that it would be fun to do this with my family.  We have dinner at the table almost every single night but this just adds a little fun to it.

I started out simple with this cowboy dinner.  I bought pie pans to serve the food in and used mason jars that we already had for the drinks.

We had fried chicken, cheesy mashed potatoes, baked beans, and cornbread.

To make things a little more interesting than just plain fried chicken, I soaked the chicken in Frank’s hot sauce beforehand.  It doesn’t make the chicken spicy but it gives it extra flavor from the hot sauce.  After marinating, you just bread and fry it like normal.


chicken drumsticks marinating in hot sauce


Wanna add extra fun?  Wear cowboy hats, boots, button up shirts, and other cowboy type attire.  Bandanas could be used to wrap silverware, as a placemat, or around the neck.

Have fun with it and go as far with it as you want.  But even just a little extra will make the kids happy.

You could even watch a western movie afterward!


cowboy fried chicken dinner


Sitting down as a family for dinner can have a big impact on your children, according to research.  It has been found that children that sat down for family dinners struggle less in school, behave better, are less likely to participate in bad activities (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.), and much more.

Do you have family dinner nights?  Can you think of other themes that would be fun?

Potato soup in bowl with bread
Individual graveyard brownie on plate

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