Halloween Graveyard Brownies

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Individual graveyard brownie on plate

Halloween Graveyard Brownies are great if you need a quick holiday dessert.

Graveyard brownies are a super easy Halloween dessert that people will love.

I used to work at an elementary school and I was head of the party planning committee.  Seems fitting since I later went on to be an event planner.

We would have pitch-in’s for holidays and special occasions and I remember trying to think of something quick and easy to make the night before.

I ended up making these graveyard brownies and they were such a hit.  Everyone thought I had created something elaborate but it’s really a simple recipe.

I used a boxed mix of brownies, chocolate frosting, crushed oreos, and Halloween decorations.


Ingredients for graveyard brownies


I buy the Milano cookies and tube of black icing to make the gravestones.  Your local chain grocery store should have these items in the baking section with the cupcake liners, sprinkles, etc.  Make sure you always massage tubes of icing that you buy already prepared like the one pictured above.  They get liquidy sitting there are it needs to be stirred around.  It’s also good to do a few practice tries as you see below.


RIP cookies for graveyard brownies


I kept the decorations pretty basic on this batch of graveyard brownies but you can add more if you have the time.  Those little pumpkin candies are great to put around the graveyard.  You can also line candy corn like lights or decorations throughout.  If you are really trying to add some flare, you can get out a piping bag and mix different colored icings to pipe decorations around the stones and edges.


Halloween graveyard brownies


Graveyard Brownies

Graveyard brownies are the perfect dessert to take to your next Halloween gathering.  Super easy to make and they taste delicious.

Course Dessert
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Servings 12 servings


  • 1-2 boxes brownie mix plus ingredients to make them
  • 1 can chocolate icing
  • 1 pkg oreos
  • 1 tube black writing icing/gel
  • 1 pkg milano cookies


  1. Bake 1-2 boxes of brownies in rectangle pan (according to box instructions).  I use 2 boxes so that the brownies are thicker.

  2. Once the brownies are cool, spread the chocolate icing over the top of the pan of brownies.  You don't have to be too particular about the look since you'll be covering the top with oreos.

  3. Crush the package of oreos with a blender or food processor.  You want them fine like dirt.  Pour the oreo dirt over the brownies.  It doesn't need to be even since you're trying to make it look like the ground.

  4. Take the desired amount of milano cookies and write RIP on them with the black tube of icing/gel.  You can also write names or anything you want to make the gravestones.  Poke them into the graveyard brownies where desired.

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