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Anthem of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship, takes cruising to a whole new level of adventure.  With a skydiving simulator, bumper cars, 360 degree North Star viewing deck, trapeze school, rock climbing wall, flow rider, and more, even the greatest thrill seekers will have plenty to do.


My parents took a cruise on the Anthem of the Seas a few weeks ago so I told them to take a bunch of pictures so I could share them with all of you.  Anthem of the Seas bumper cars

Plus, I wanted to see all of the cool stuff they have on this ship.  All I want to do is ride in those bumper cars!!!


Oh and shout out to my parents for hitting Diamond Plus status through the Crown and Anchor Society.

They are now at the second highest level.

You’ve heard me say it before, but once you take your first cruise on Royal Caribbean, sign up for their Crown and Anchor Society so you can start earning those points.  Each level comes with perks and that starts even after your first cruise.

You’ll get things like: discounts on Royal merchandise, robes for use in your room, discounts on staterooms, private departure lounge, etc.

Here is what you’ll get after your first cruise and hit gold status.  You get one point per night of your cruise and suites are double points!!!


Already have a cruise booked?  Check out my 21 Essentials to Pack for Your Cruise.


Sports arena on Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas Arcade

All types of entertainment are included on this ship.  Not only do you have the nightly shows, you also have activities to keep you busy all day.  The sports court is not just for sports, but also bumper cars and trapeze school.  Trapeze School what?

Wait!!!  There’s more.


Pool area on Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas Flow Rider

Skydiving Simulator on Anthem of the Seas

You also have the arcade area, rock climbing wall, skydiving simulator, flow rider, pools, and all kinds of other areas to keep the whole family entertained.


Tired from all the fun?

After you’ve spent the day outdoors, come back, relax, and clean up in these beautiful staterooms.  This is a balcony room.  This has to be my favorite decor of all of the ship designs.  I highly recommend at least a balcony if you can afford it.  You not only get some extra space, which is great if the whole family comes along, but being able to sit out and look at the water is so calming.  We are trying a suite on our cruise coming up so i’ll let everyone know how that goes… i’m sure we won’t be disappointed.


Balcony room on Anthem of the Seas

Balcony stateroom on Anthem of the Seas



Over 15 dining options are available to make sure no one goes hungry.  The Windjammer (first picture below) is a buffet that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We love grabbing a quick breakfast or lunch here.  When it’s a sea day and everyone is on the ship, sometimes the Windjammer gets a little crowded so we have breakfast and lunch in the dining room or Johnny Rockets (if one is on the ship).  I love the new feature where you can see how crowded the dining areas are in your stateroom and on the screens in the main hallways.

If you want a really quick breakfast or snack, you can stop in at the café (second picture) and grab and go.  The Dog House is a great place to grab a hot dog with various toppings.  Check the schedule for each place on the ship because times vary.  If all else fails, there’s always room service!

There’s also plenty of bars and clubs to make sure the adults are having a good time.


Buffet on Anthem of the Seas


Anthem of the Seas cafe



brass and bock on anthem of the seas


Dog House restaurant on Anthem of the Seas


Anthem of the Seas Bionic Bar

Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas


These pictures just get me more and more excited for our next cruise adventure.  I can’t wait to share all of the pictures.

If anyone ever has any questions or has a topic that you’d like me to discuss in regards to cruising, let me know.  Again, almost all of our experience has been on Royal Caribbean so those are the ships and the company that I know best.



Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas

Haven’t been on a cruise?

What are you waiting for?  I know a lot of people get concerned about motion sickness but I’ve known people who get that bad and went on cruises without a problem.  Make sure you pack some motion sickness medicine and you should be ok, especially on the big ships that you can’t feel the motion as much.  I will say that the times we cruise in fall and winter have been a little rocky at times so i’d recommend spring or summer if you are really concerned about motion sickness.

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