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back to school essentials

We are seriously down to less than a month before school starts here!!!  I can’t believe it’s already that time.  This is the best time to get great deals on Back to School Essentials.

I hate the chaos of back to school shopping in retail stores.  There’s usually a small area where 20 families are trying to maneuver through to get everything on the long lists provided.  The kids are antsy and moody.

They don’t want the blue folder.  They want the green folder.  Well there is no green folder.  You’re getting the blue.  Full tantrum in the middle of Target.  Insanity.

Ok, Ok.  Maybe I’m exaggerating a little.  Can you tell I love online shopping?

I’ve compiled a quick list of Back to School Essentials below that will hopefully help you out and save you some money… and sanity.

Back to School Essentials



Preschool is such a cute time to get the kids ready for school.  Those little backpacks are adorable.  I love the Skip Hop Zoo backpacks.  These items are things your toddler might need for preschool.




Elementary aged kids need a lot of different school supplies and it depends on their age.  Usually the older the kids get, the more they need and way more expensive those items get. Here’s a deal from Crayola good until 7/23/18 July 3 – 23 – BOGO 40% Off Crayons and Markers


Middle School

Middle school is that in between age where they kind of need the same as elementary but start to need additional items, too.  Sometimes you’ll need fabric for a sewing class or special items for woodshop.  Those classes will all depend on what your child’s school offers.



High School

Ahh!  High school.  At this age, usually lists of school supplies are given out dependent on what classes your child chooses.  Some basics will still be needed but expect to purchase calculators, geometry kits, and other various items for specific classes.

Planners for kids

I love these Me and My Big Ideas/Create 365 Planners.  It is what I use for all of my planning needs.  These are cute ones for kids.  Some might include stickers and other fun accessories to go with the planner that the kids will enjoy.

I’m sure that long supply list will include more than these supply items, so here is the full Amazon page of school supplies.



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