Over 20 Awesome Water Activities to Keep Toddlers Cool This Summer

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Toddler Summer Water Activities

Your toddler will love playing outside this summer.  Keep them cool with these awesome water activities.

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Today is HOT!!!  My son and I were out playing on his new splash pad, this 5 foot oval pad that you hook the hose up to and water comes out of little holes poked all around the edges.  There are also two little frogs along the edge and one shoots out water.  It was certainly refreshing on this crazy hot day.

I posted a picture on Instagram and had someone ask where I got his splash pad.  I posted the link but they are out of stock where I bought it.

I searched on Amazon and found they have the same one.  I also found so many other cute items that I want to buy more now.

Husband watch out!  I’m on Amazon buying stuff again.  I can just see my husband shaking his head at me if he knew I was buying more.

Does anyone else get in trouble by their husband’s for all of the packages they receive?  But… it’s for the kids, honey.

If not, then this post is for you haha  Shop away.  If you do get in trouble then you don’t know me and I didn’t recommend these awesome products to buy heehee

Here are some ideas for cooling off this summer with your toddler.


Water Tables

We have the Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table.  My son loooooves it.  Last year we got it out and he wasn’t really interested in it.  He was 1 then.  Now that he’s 2, my goodness I can’t keep him out of that thing.  Any chance he gets to go outside, he plays with that.  Today he was even going back and forth between that and the splash pad.  He is also really into playing with sand so I love the sand/water table combos.


Splash Pads

The Banzai Froggy Pond Splash Pad Mat is the exact one that we have.  The middle will fill up with just a little bit of water… not even to my son’s ankles.  If you put full power to the hose, the water shoots up to their face.  I set it about medium.  Too low won’t be enough to shoot the water out of the one standing frog.  It was perfect for him.  He also had fun with some cups, filling them up and pouring them out in it.  That dinosaur one looks really cool too so any of these would be super fun for the kids.


I wasn’t sure how my toddler would act with the water so that’s why I decided on the splash pad.  Now that I see how much fun he had, I might buy the Melissa and Doug Caterpillar sprinkler.  I have been eyeing that since last year.  I see now they have a flower one too.

Inflatable Pools

We bought the Intex Inflatable Pirate Play Center Pool last year.  My friend also purchased it for her son.  The kids love it and it’s nice to have the pool, slide, toys combo.  Some of these other ones look really fun, too.

Kiddie Pools

These pools are just normal inflatable pools.  Of course, any toddler would have fun just splashing around in these, too.  There are tons of pool toys out these days that they could dive for (if they are ready for that) or play with in the water.  The best thing about these… when it gets cooler out, put blankets and pillows in them and gaze at the stars or just hang out outside.


Water Shoes

I am OBSESSED with these water shoes.  I bought my son two pairs last year.  He wore them all summer when outside in his pirate pool and then on a cruise we went on.  They are super soft, flexible material, with light soles.  I bought another two pair this year that he’s been wearing outside at his water table, today on the splash pad, and will wear on our upcoming cruise.  The patters are adorable.  I picked several out to show you here but there are so many more that I didn’t add.


Alright I’m off to shop for some of these things myself.  It is supposed to be hot over the next few weeks here so we are going to need a couple more fun things to keep us cool.  Also, my toddler actually took a good nap today.  That never happens!

If you buy something or have something you love already, share it in the comments below.  I’d love to know how you are staying cool!

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