20 Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. These top gift ideas are perfect for the men in your life.

Are you stumped on what to get your dad or husband for Father’s Day? It seems like men are a lot harder to buy for than most think.

When I ask my husband what he wants, I always get the “I don’t know.” My dad is even harder to buy for.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 Father’s Day gift ideas for this year. Bonus: I’ve also included some of my husband’s favorites from past years at the bottom.

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Top 20 Father’s Day Gifts

1. A beard bib is perfect to catch all of the hair while trimming a beard.

beard trimming cape

2. This has been named one of the best items of 2020. It’s a table lamp with a Bluetooth speaker. Able to be used indoor or outdoor.

table lamp for outdoor or indoor with Bluetooth speaker

3. Is dad really into fishing? This funny t-shirt about calling in to work to go fishing is a perfect gift idea.

Tshirt with "Can't work today, my arm is in a cast" for fishing

4. Why do guys always seem to have itchy backs they can’t scratch lol Here’s a funny back scratcher to get all of the itches.

Rake back scratcher

5. For the dad that is into survival, there’s an 11-in-1 survival kit.

11-in-1 survival kit

6. Does your dad enjoy the bbq? He’ll love a 19 pc. bbq set that will allow him to flip, skewer, turn, sauce, and more.

19 piece bbq set of tools

7. Is dad constantly losing his glasses? Get him this holder that not only looks cool but holds them for safe keeping.

wood face to hold glasses

8. Calling all of the hunter dads!! A jerky gun is great for dads that like to process their own meat.

jerky gun

9. A toiletry travel organizer is the perfect gift for a dad who travels.

toiletry travel bag brown leather

10. Papa shark does need a drink with this cool pint glass.

Papa shark pint glass

11. Does dad love ice cream? This bowl comes with a shovel to devour all of the ice cream.

dad's ice cream bowl with spoon

12. A personalized fish hook is a great gift for dads who love to fish.

customizable fish hook

13. Wooden watches are becoming more popular. You can even customize it with a personal message.

wood watch

14. Is dad a gamer? These socks are a funny gift to give.

gaming socks

15. Backpacks are getting better and better. This laptop bag incudes features like…anti-theft, usb charging port, water resistant, and more.

grey laptop bag

16. If dad has a beard, he definitely needs a beard grooming kit.

beard grooming kit

17. Bullet shaped whiskey stones are great for whiskey, bourbon, and scotch lovers.

bullet shaped whisky stones

18. Is dad on his feet most of the day? Or does he work out? A massage gun can give him the perfect massage at home.

massage gun

19. Speaking of massages… if the massage gun is too much, this back/neck/shoulder massager might be just the right thing. It also has a warming feature.

neck massager

20. Does dad like t-shirts? This T-rex Daddy Saurus shirt is a great gift from the kids.

Daddy Saurus tshirt

Bonus: Some of my husband’s favorite gifts over the years.

He loves these Skif knives. He is a big fan of Matt Carikker and his YouTube channels.

I bought a set of Arctic Cool shirts for Father’s Day. We’ve since ordered more. He wears them to work, on vacation, to mow grass, or really just any time. He says they really do keep you cooler that most other shirts.

This is funny but my husband looooves to vacuum. He just got this Shark Navigator and thinks it’s the best thing ever. He’s also wearing off on my son because he is also obsessed with vacuums. He has this Henry one and Dison one. As I’m typing this, he is cleaning the Henry vacuum because it’s dirty lol

No matter what you give as a gift, your dad/grandpa/husband will be happy.

And if money is tight this year, make a card or gift. You can also just give them a day of relaxation or letting them do something they enjoy but normally don’t get to do. Not everything has to cost money.

Looking for more Father’s Day gift ideas? Check out my 2018 post for some unique gifts.

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